The lost photo session: Photography by Chris Gallaway and Horizonline Pictures

by admin on October 17, 2011

Lost by me and replaced by Chris Gallaway, an entire day’s worth of photos at Valley Kayaks Presents: 2011 World Championships of Surf Kayaking.  Between my wife and I we shot several hundred photos on October 5th, which was one of our finest days of swell at the event in Nags Head, NC.  Thanks to good friend and writer/photographer/video-producer, Chris Gallaway, we have some really nice images of the day to show.  Also, please scroll to the bottom of the post for links to articles Chris wrote for Canoe & Kayak regarding his visit to our event.  On your way down enjoy the eye candy.

Argentina's Dark Horse, Jorge, busts air.

Jorge turns a few heads while he prepares for a coverup.

Darren Bason takes a beauty of a wave.

Urko Otxoa gets comfortable in the pocket.

Stop looking at me Schwan.

Good teamwork

Galen Licht slaps the lip.

Galen happy after a good heat.

Emma Wynter leaves a trail down the face of a wave.

Terry Petch drops late and steep.

Terry rides the lip on a nice right.

Rachel Krugman races a seagull down the line.

Rachel, happy with her performance.

Matt Hoff makes a big scene out of the whole thing.

Chris Hobson reaches out for a lip move.

Hobson, happy he advanced to the next round.

Kate Duncan and Tamsin Green drop opposite directions.

Kate is bummed she missed this wave.

Kye Borserio drops on a beautiful face.

Liam Thierens looks happy after his heat.

Myself at the end of a ride.

Paddling out in the midst of a big set.

Myself under the lip of a green glassy wave.

James Hawker getting in his zone.

Chris and Edu showing good sportsmanship.

Sam Davenport hangs off the lip.

Same Sam different wave, different boat.

Urko and Darren deciding who will ride this one.

Urko riding off the lip again.

Urko down the line.

Glyn Brackenbury congratulated by his teammates.

Gary Adcock holds up two fingers. Maybe he's celebrating second place? Is it a peace sign? Or perhaps he's asking himself how many fingers he is holding up?

Dave Johnston gets a piece of the lip.

Dave bumps knuckles in celebration of advancing to the next round.

Andre Pinto finishes a wave.

Anthony Bell rides over the roof.

Anthony bombs down the line.

Andy helps Anthony out after a heat.

Corin King wacks the lip.

Corin pumps a fist to celebrate a good wave.

Right arm.

Hey Stuey check out these guns.

Darren and Jorge are met with excitement after a great heat.

Chris Gallaway wrote three articles and provided photos while reporting for Canoe and Kayak at the event.  See links below.

Pondering the Future at Surf Kayaking Worlds
Competitors wonder how to attract more new blood to the sport

Surf Kayaking Worlds Fitting Right Into Nags Head
With prime swell and an international field, world championships march toward finals

Lining Up for the Finals at Surf Kayaking Worlds
Basque win team title at Nags Head, N.C.

Results: World Championships of Surf Kayaking
Etxeberria, Hobson win men’s titles, Wynter, Green take women’s crowns

Thanks to Chris Gallaway and another thanks to Canoe & Kayak for all their great coverage throughout the event.  See all of their articles HERE.

Chris Gallaway and Horizonline Pictures are best known in the kayaking world for the award winning GREEN RACE MOVIE and many other short films and multimedia works at Rapid Transit Video.

Spencer Cooke, Effort Inc.

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